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Benefits of Trading the Forex Market

Trading the Forex market has become very popular in the last years. Why is it that traders around the world see the Forex market as an investment opportunity? We will try to answer this question in this article. Also we will discuss come differences between the Forex market, the stocks market and the futures market.
Some of the benefits of trading the Forex market are:
Superior liquidity.
Liquidity is what really makes the Forex market different from other markets. The Forex market is by far the most liquid financial market in the world with nearly 2 trillion dollars traded everyday. This ensures price stability and better trade execution. Allowing traders to open and close transactions with ease. Also such a tremendous volume makes it hard to manipulate the market in an extended manner.
24hr Market.
This one is also one of the greatest advantages of trading Forex. It is an around the click market, the market opens on Sunday at 3:00 pm EST when New Zealand begins operations, and closes on Friday at 5:00 pm EST when San Francisco terminates operations. There are transactions in practically every time zone, allowing active traders to choose at what time to trade.
Leverage trading.
Trading the Forex Market offers a greater buying power than many other markets. Some Forex brokers offer leverage up to 400:1, allowing traders to have only 0.25% in margin of the total investment. For instance, a trader using 100:1 means that to have a US$100,000 position, only US$1,000 are needed on margin to be able to open that position.
Low Transaction costs.
Almost all brokers offer commission free trading. The only cost traders incur in any transaction is the spread (difference between the buy and sell price of each currency pair). This spread could be as low as 1 pip (the minimum increment in any currency pair) in some pairs.
Low minimum investment.
The Forex market requires less capital to start trading than any other markets. The initial investment could go as low as $300 USD, depending on leverage offered by the broker. This is a great advantage since Forex traders are able to keep their risk investment to the lowest level.
Specialized trading.
The liquidity of the market allows us to focus on just a few instruments (or currency pairs) as our main investments (85% of all trading transactions are made on the seven major currencies). Allowing us to monitor, and at the end get to know each instrument better.
Trading from anywhere.
If you do a lot of traveling, you can trade from anywhere in the world just having an internet connection.
Some of the most important differences between the Forex market and other markets are explained below.
Forex market vs. Equity markets
Equity market: Around 200 billion on a daily basis.
Trading hours
FX market: 24hr market, 5.5 days a week.
Equity market: Monday through Friday from 8:30 EST to 5:00 EST.
FX market: Leverage up to 400:1.
Equity market: Leverage from 2:1 to 4:1.
FX market: most volume (85%) is made on major currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD and AUD.)
Equity market: More than 40,000 stocks to choose from.
Forex market vs. Futures market
Futures market: Inconsistent execution.
All this makes the Forex market very attractive to investors and traders. But I need to make something clear, although the benefits of trading the Forex market are notorious; it is still difficult to make a successful career trading the Forex market. It requires a lot of education, discipline, commitment and patience, as any other market.

Forex Enterprise

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Investing in Forex

Investing in foreign currencies is a relatively new avenue of investing. There are considerably fewer people are aware of this market than there are people aware of several other avenues of investing. Trading foreign currency, also known as forex, is the most lucrative investment market that exists. There are several factors that make this true among which, successful forex traders earn realistic profits of one hundred plus percent each month. Compared to some of the better known investment markets such as corporate stocks, this is an unheard of return on investment. It's very necessary to mention here that a person who invests in forex must, without exception, make it a point to learn the detailed, but simple strategies and information surrounding the market. This very fact is what makes the difference between successful forex traders and other traders.

A few additional points, which create such powerful leverage for investors within the forex market are: The amount of capital required to begin investing in the market is only three hundred dollars. For the most part, any other investment market is going to demand thousands of dollars of the investor in the beginning. Also, the market offers opportunities to profit regardless what the direction of the market may be; In most commonly known markets investors sit and wait for the market to begin an up trend before entering a trade. Even then, investors, as a rule must sit and wait some more to be able to exit the trade with a nice profit. Given that the forex market produces several up, down, and sideways trends in a single day, it can easily be seen that forex stands head and shoulders above other markets. Additionally there are trading strategies, which are taught that provide for compounded profits; these are profits on top of profits. In addition, free demo accounts are available within the industry of forex trading, which facilitate the sharpening of skills without the risk losing any capital. And the advantage regarding the time factor in trading foreign currency is a very attractive point for any investor. Compared to one of the most sought after avenues of investing, which often requires forty or more hours each week, namely in the real-estate market, the forex market requires a much smaller demand on the investor's time. Forex trading requires approximately ten to fifteen hours each week to earn a full time income. It's easy to see that the advantages and great leverage that exist in the forex market, make it among the most lucrative, time liberating, and easy to enter by far.

I hope this information gives you a clear understanding of how you can turn your investing into a true method of making your money work harder for you.

Automated Forex Trading Software

Special softwares make automated forex trading possible in the form of non-stop currency transactions. Global marketers, brokers and private investors interact on Forex, exchanging money in direct relation with the international real-time events. Risks can hardly be controlled on Forex because of the way conditions change, but an automated Forex trading tool could reduce losses. Here is what you need to trade on Forex: money, a personal computer, Internet connection and a program that tells you when to sell and when to buy currencies. Without the right signals you will not know what mechanisms are at work, and you will lose money.

What can an automated Forex trading tool do for you? Financial experts and IT specialists have designed software programs that enable the automatic analysis of currencies markets. Based on these indicators, you can determine the moments to buy or sell. Time frames are necessary for these applications, and most systems help you choose the option that suits individual needs. Thus, you can select to receive the signals daily, several times a day or weekly. Some investors use several time frames for the maximization of the profits.

Automated Forex trading saves time and earns you money. You can start with just $1 investment and multiply your investment without any limits. The availability of softwares allows one to take this kind of occupation from scrap meaning that you can have zero knowledge of how things operate. The system proves successful even for newbies. Presently, there are many program versions and software solutions designed for automated Forex trading, and from brokers to individual users, all rely on such tools to operate on the foreign exchange market. The system is designed to work for everyone, everywhere.

Anyone interested in buying an automated forex system trading tool should first analyze the profitability of the investment. Such a software does not come cheap and even if you put your hope for future fortune in it, you need to stay realistic and out of debt. Mistakes are common occurrences on Forex. If you are unfamiliar with the system, start by reading about the major traps to avoid and the risk of hazardous speculations. The informative materials abound online and there are even manuals created for the Forex market exchange operations.

Forex Online System Trading

Online forex trading covers lots of forms with an incredibly wide specificity. In fact it all starts from a general solution that is central to the system, and it is on this that you start to make investments. Guidelines make the investment process smoother and allow for a smooth course of any online Forex trading system. Here is what you can do to improve your online Forex trading.

Investors usually have two options when choosing online Forex trading: to work on their own, with the help of some tools, or to get professional account management in collaboration with a dealer or a brokerage firm. Independent Forex activity is advisable only if you have a good knowledge of the market and its principles, otherwise, start collaboration with an expert broker. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees on the market, and both profit and loss are its inherent realities.

When you add to losing positions, your trade can abruptly come to a halt. Do not continue to spend money on a position on which you have already lost some money. Small losses can become huge losses if you don’t know when to stop. Keep alert and realistic of all the decisions and speculations you make with online Forex trading.

When do you take your profits? Always base your decisions on market information and not on what your account tells you. If the variables are too expensive for you, do not trade, and most of all avoid descending trends for investments. There are pretty frequent changes in market direction, and tides cannot be anticipated unless you have incredible luck. Therefore, all the moves of online Forex trading should be based on facts and assumed risks.

Good decisions are not always possible. There may be days when online Forex trading does not make good business. Maybe you don’t have enough money in the account, or when you don’t have the time for a careful analysis of the indicators. Furthermore, adapt to sudden changes as the right way to keep losses minimum. Moreover, the rest of the markets are different from account forex online trading , and trying to match a system from one market to another could be a disaster.

Online Currency Forex Trading

What many people don’t know is that with Forex online currency trading systems, losses are higher than gains for the average user. Most investors lose money because they lack the necessary knowledge to make profit by professional speculation. The trading system choice nevertheless has a word to say in the matter, particularly with the huge advertising pressure. Do not take into consideration ads like ‘scalp 30 pips a day’, ‘make a living’ or ‘90% rate of success’. Remember that nobody can’t have knowledge of tomorrow’s prices, it is all pure speculation. Therefore, the purchase of real time track records is ineffectual and a waste of money.

Do you have confidence in currency forex online trading? Where does your money go? Prices drop occasionally, which usually happens in relation with major world events. Unless you have a firm grasp of the currency trading system venturing into an investment could be a financial suicide. Do not put your trust in Forex online currency trading systems if you don’t know what methods they use. Day Forex systems are also a no for beginners! When you open the business day, always start from the premises that the system is at its worst.

Subjective judgment is the basis of Forex online currency trading, and working by subjective rules you’ll need to invest quite some time into the market analysis. If you operate with a financial automatic tool that registers market fluctuations, you can reduce the time work to some twenty or thirty minutes per day. Then, you can hire a dealer to operate on your behalf or you can work independently. But here too, you should be aware of how the system operates and what risks the dealer assumes for you. Avoid contracting service vendors that do not reveal their history, operation model and who don’t answer your questions.

Greed and fear usually influence the balance in any Forex online currency trading, and calculated investors who don’t live by their impulses and carefully analyze transactions will profit most. If you reach a long term understanding of Forex online currency trading, you are fishing for the biggest fish. Use Forex charts to identify the price trends and spikes and in time you’ll learn how to decode the signs that indicate a turn in the direction of prices. You may thus avoid going with the market and losing money with foolish rush actions.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Is Forex Trading

Forex Trading is the act of trading currencies from different countries against each other. Forex is acronym of Foreign Exchange.

Ex: In Europe the currency in circulation is called the Euro and in the United States the currency in circulation is called the US Dollar. An example of a Forex trade is to buy the Euro while simultaneously selling US Dollar. This is called going long on the EUR/USD.

Forex trading is typically done through a broker or market maker. As a forex trader you can choose a currency pair that you feel is going to change in value and place a trade accordingly. For example, if you had purchased 1,000 Euros in January of 2005, it would have cost you around $1,200 USD. Throughout 2005 the Euro’s value vs. the U.S. Dollar’s value increased. At the end of the year 1,000 Euros was worth $1,300 U.S. Dollars. If you had chosen to close your trade at that point, you would have made $100.

Forex trades can be placed through a broker or market maker. Orders can be placed with just a few clicks and the broker then passes the order along to a partner in the Interbank Market to fill your position. When you close your trade, the broker closes the position on the Interbank Market and credits your account with the loss or gain. This can all happen literally within a few seconds.

What Is Forex

The simple sense of Forex (Forex currency exchange) is simultaneous purchase and sale of the currency or the exchange of one country's currency for the one of another country. The world currencies do not have a fixed exchange rate and is always fluctuating being traded in the currency pairs like Euro/Dollar, Dollar/Yen an others. 85% of daily trades are taken by major currencies trading.

Investments usually deal with 4 major pairs: Euro against US dollar, US dollar against Japanese yen, British pound against US dollar, and US dollar against Swiss franc or EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF used to sign these pairs accordingly. These major pairs are considered as Forex market's "blue chips". You will not receive any dividends on the currencies. Well known "buy low-sell high" gives the profit for currency trades.

In case you have a forecast that one currency would get higher to another you can exchange the second one for the first one and wait for the profit. If you are lucky to see the trades following your forecast you can make an opposite transaction and to exchange currencies back gaining the profit.

Forex transactions are carried out by Forex brokerage companies, also known as major banks dealers. Forex market is worldwide and your European colleagues may make a transaction with Japanese traders when it's time for you to sleep in the North America. There are 3shifts for the major institutions to work in due to 24-hours a day activity of the Forex market. It's possible to ask for overnight execution for take-profit and stop-loss orders of the client.

Prices in the Forex market fluctuate without any dramatic changes unlike stock market where considerable gaps are likely to be seen.There isn't any problems entering and exit the market due to its daily turnover of about $1.2 trillion. Forex market can not ever be forced to stop. The transactions were carried out even in 2001, on September,11th.

Foreign exchange market (also called Forex of FX) is the oldest market in the world. It is also seen to be the largest one. Being currencies' primary market working 24-hours a day, Forex is also the largest market with highest liquidity. This is an interbank market carrying out spot (or cash) transactions. The currency futures market, to be compared with Forex is traded only 1% as much.

Forex market doesn't have any exchange center unlike the stock market. Forex trading seem to go after the sun around the world, from banks of the United States to other parts of the world like Australia, New Zealand, the Far East or Europe and back to the US some time later.

High minimum amount of transaction and strict financial requirements used to make this interbank market unavailable for small speculators. The only dealers of currency markets were banks, huge-amount speculators and largest currency dealers. They had an ultimate access to this market dealing with lots of primary exchange rates of the world currencies, the market with an extremely high liquidity along with an unusually strong nature of trends.

Now a days small traders have an opportunity to purchase the small lots, as a result of the large inter-bank units being split by market maker brokers like FX Solutions, at the amount they like.
The traders of any size like small companies and individual speculators have an access to the market at the same price fluctuations and exchange rates which only large players used to enjoy recently. Market makers monitor the rates so that produce their profit on the difference of rates at which the currency was bought and sold.

Foreign Exchange Market has an acronymic name Forex. It has the largest size and the liquidity throughout the world nowadays. Forex daily transactions are carried out at the common amount from 1 - 3 trillion dollars. There is no stock market that is able to deal with a comparable amount of money.

This enormous market is like the dangerous sea where you can meet lots of sharks and dangerous waters but at the same time it is the only one where two weeks of trading can hypothetically bring you $1,000,000 out of $1,000 of initial investment.

This is certainly hypothetically because a lot of newbie traders deal with their trades as gambling, that surely bring them to having nothing in the end. You should always keep the phrase "be careful!" in your mind. This market would give you its profit possibilities only if you learn the basic things hard and make lots of demo trading.

The statistics is that as much as 95% of traders come to losing their money at Forex, 5% have profit and less than 1% of traders make large fortune at Forex. You shouldn't produce, sell or advertise anything trading at Forex. Your assets are your knowledge, experience and a small amount of cash.

This market is a platform for banks, transnational corporations and individual traders to change the currencies they possess into other ones. This is the spot Forex market. At this market you can trade with up to 1:400 leverage which means that you'll get $400 on your account for each dollar invested. So, you can trade with the $400,000 sum having invested $1,000 onto your account.

Still, lots of experienced traders consider such leverage dangerous and won't get started with it. Though, if you know how ho use such high leverage it will do you only good. But this is the place to stop speaking about the basic things.

Now it is time to speak about the strategies and the way of making money at Forex some traders use. First we should say that the things that work in one case do not certainly work in another. The fact is that currency trading surely means risk. Still, there are a number of strategies for the newbie to use to be the winner.

Forex trading may seem very easy but it is not. Your high today earnings may turn into considerable losses even of your starting capital tomorrow. Newbie traders are likely to make the same mistakes several times. Here is a list of such typical mistakes.